Is good design important to my business?

In today’s social media obsessed world, design plays a key role in any business’s marketing plan and it can be fundamental for start-ups striving to create a successful brand. Many of your prospects are using social media daily, multiplying the customer base for advertisers promoting products and services on these platforms. As someone scrolls down their social feed, your ad has a few minuscule seconds to grab as much attention as possible. It’s crucial to create content that not only is visually appealing and instantly seizes attention, but is also extremely relevant to your target audience. 

Say your line of work is in the hotel and hospitality space, in order to exhibit the quality and class of your brand, it’s essential to have a marketing portfolio that matches the tone of your business. This can be made possible through working with a designer that fully understands your needs and creates visuals that embody and enhance your identity. With the ever-increasing number of ads we were exposed to every day, it is also essential to design to break out of the monotony and instead create messages that are not only relevant but inspiring to your audience. 

Your design choices influence the type of customers you attract. If you are in the hospitality business and run a chain of luxury hotels, you might direct design to a more modern, classic and minimalistic direction. However, if you run a small B&B in your town, you might benefit from choosing a more casual typography style that is layered in warm colours to draw your ideal customer. The way you choose to brand your service also exhibits the potential quality and pricing of your service. As a premium hotel, if you choose to go for a classic and minimalistic design approach, you are creating a similar persona to other high-end fashion and technology brands such as Dior and Apple, and hence attracting customers from the same demographic. 

Branding no more solely exists on your business card or your website. Your product or service needs to exhibit a consistent nature of branding through both, print and digital mediums. It is essential to connect with your audience on every platform possible and remind them of your visual aesthetic and the message your branding portrays. Whether its McDonalds or Nike, extraordinary brands stem from making deliberate and wisely chosen design choices. Many studies have proven that the colours used in a company’s branding can greatly influence our ability to remember the brand. Therefore, using the right design practices, such as the colours used in your logo can significantly impact how unforgettable or identifiable a brand can be. The correct design choices allow your customers to easily recognise your brand and hence helps increase your brand’s awareness and build loyalty and trust amongst your customers, who are then more likely to return for your products or services. 

If you require help with branding your new business or simply want to reinvent some of your design choices, get in contact for a free quote or a chat.