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We were approached by AIG Women’s Open to develop reactive, creative content for the 2020 Championship. 2020 was a little different without spectators. This meant there was a clear focus on keeping fans engaged with live updates, competitions, player involvement, and powerful visuals. It’s always a challenge to balance consistent quality and creativity, with the reactive and unpredictable nature of the sport (and all sport). But that’s part of the fun of it right?

Client: AIG Women's Open
Date: October 1, 2020
Services: Creative Content | Sports Marketing | Sports Campaign
Creative Content
Competition graphic
Golf Scorecard Design
Golf announcement design
Golf announcement design 2
Golf announcement design 3
Golf score graphic
Golf champion design


As well as the reactive content for the AIG Women’s Open, we developed a ticketing campaign for 2021, that would sit on the website and social platforms. The aim of this campaign was to design artwork that would stand out with the high levels of content across various platforms. We did this through colouring and creative, powerful imagery.

Golf tickets 2021
Golf ticketing design

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